A message from the creator:

Thank you for your interest in this website.  Inlovingmemorymail.com is a website designed to help you communicate the loss of a loved one between family and friends in a personal, thoughtful, and timely manner.

Often when a loved one dies, the person responsible for making funeral arrangements is so caught up in the moment that it is difficult to think straight.  With this in mind, I have come up with pre-selected entries from which you choose in order to compose an informative notice - all you need to do is fill in the blanks, and voilà!, you have created a professional looking notice that is free of ads that distract the focus from your loved one.  In addition, you could select from a number of warm backgrounds and you have the ability to change the font color that best complements the background.

When I lost my dog, Boy (his real name), a few years back, I was devastated. Boy joined my family when a little boy came to my door asking if I would buy his puppy because his mother did not want him. The newborn puppy could barely stand. How could I say no to this lovely creature? Boy was with me for 11 years and will always live in my son's and my heart. I was lucky to have him as part of my family and I have included a section for us pet lovers!

I understand it can be difficult to deliver the message and I hope I succeeded in making it manageable for you to create and send a death notice that is unique to your dearly departed in four simple steps as outlined in the "Home" page.




Lupe Cruz

Founder of In Loving Memory E-Mail, LLC