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Who Would You Want at Your Funeral? Make Your List Now

Take the burden from your family members and make your list now. No one likes talking about pre-burial planning, but determining who you want at your funeral will be a big help at a serious time. Family members will not only be emotionally distraught and upset, they have a lot to do in very little time to arrange a long list of burial details. Everything from things as simple as picking out what you will wear to purchasing flowers or naming a charity for donations in your name will be emotional for those relegated to doing so. Doing what you can in advance lightens the load in a critically stressful time.

As we age and begin to feel our mortality, thoughts of what happens after we take our last breath is quite normal. Nearly everyone imagines who will be nearby, who will pay tribute at their burial services. Your family may think they know your wishes, but making a list in advance of the people most dear to you is a sound exercise. That way, when that final day comes, those you most care for will be informed of your passing, rather than finding out some time later. Don't leave it to chance. Close family and long lost friends, even those far away deserve to know, and having them on a list, ready when it's time will ensure that.

Making your memorialization in advance is a gracious act of caring for your family. Even if you find it difficult, some, if not all of the tasks can be handled from your living room easy chair. Making a list of those to notify can spare loved ones just one of the numerous steps in the emotional process of finalizing your affairs, and the will appreciate you taking the time to do so. That way they can follow your wishes to the letter.

We are all headed to the same final outcome. Your family and friends love you, and you will be missed. Listing in advance those most dear will not only let them know you cared enough to ensure their inclusion, it will provide an opportunity to look over your life and remember those special moments, and with whom you shared.

Feeling Lonely?

There is an abundance of information relating to the benefits of having a pet as a companion. According to The National Center for Infectious Disease (CDC), one of the benefits of pet ownership is decrease feelings of loneliness. Research conducted by the Saint Louis University Medical Center found that after five to six weeks into the study, lonely individuals at nursing homes who interacted with dogs on a one-to-one basis experienced a lesser degree of loneliness than lonely individuals who visited dogs with other residents. Not surprisingly, several residents that scored the highest on the loneliness scale requested 30-minute weekly visits from dogs.

But before running out to get a pet, consider the pros and cons of owning one. Different animals require different levels of attention. For example, dogs require more exercise than a cat, and if you travel often, you will have to arrange for someone to care for your pet in your absence. Owning a pet is serious business. On the positive side, just think of the exercise you will get from walking your best friend, and nothing beats the excitement displayed by your pet when it welcomes you home!